Holland Koi Show 2009

Press Conference on Achievements in Holland Koi Show 2009


The Council of Agriculture (COA) has subsidized Taiwan Ornamental Fish Association's participation in the Holland Koi Show 2009, the largest koi exhibition in the world, and organized

the exhibition of premium quality products in the Taiwan Pavilion to help expand Taiwan ornamental
fish's market share in Europe. The Taiwanese delegation made significant achievements in the
Holland show by winning the Best Stand Design Award, two first prizes and four second prizes in
koi variety, and the most popular award for crystal red shrimps. The COA reported the outstanding
performance in Europe at a press conference on December 25, 2009 to encourage domestic ornamental fish industry to further expand the world market.

The COA pointed out that with a global output at US$5 billion, the ornamental fish industry is a high
value-added and highly technical industry with low dependence on water and soil resources. Even with only limited water and soil resources, Taiwan has the advantage of excellent weather and geographic conditions as well as techniques. The Council has listed ornamental fish as one of the key industries being developed under the "quality agriculture healthful and excellent programs." The COA has assisted Taiwan Ornamental Fish Association in leading local businessmen to take part in international aquatic fairs held in such important markets as Japan, Singapore and China and displayed premium quality local products in the Taiwan Pavilion in the past year. And the COA will continue expand Taiwan ornamental fish's international market share in 2010.

The Holland Koi Show 2009 was a joint exhibition of koi, aquatics, crystal red shrimps and potted plants which suited commerce and family in repose. It was the first time that Taiwan sent a delegation to take part in the show in the name of "Taiwan Pavilion." With five rented stands occupying the largest display space among all participants, the Taiwan Pavilion was decorated with bamboo fence, bamboo craft, tea sets, calligraphy materials and large pictures of tea plantation and koi pond in traditional Chinese style, displaying koi, crystal red shrimps, angelfishes, bamboo products, and such quality agricultural products as Taiwanese tea and cereals. The Taiwan Pavilion had attracted numerous visitors and won the organizers' Best Stand Design Award and the praise and approval of European consumers.

The Taiwanese products at display had also won two first prizes and four second prizes in koi variety and the most popular award for crystal red shrimps, demonstrating that Taiwan's ornamental fish breeding techniques can rival those at the top of the world. Because of the outstanding performance in the Holland Koi Show, the COA estimated that Taiwan's ornamental fish trade will reach US$36 million with more export orders in the next year.