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Tasting the future of farmed seafood
London (CNN) -- If you ate fish for dinner last night, there's a 50% chance it was not caught in the wild.

Aquaculture -- the farming of fish and sea creatures under controlled conditions -- is the fastest growing area of animal food production and now accounts for around half the world's consumed seafood.
According to the United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the fish farming industry increased on average at an annual rate of 6.6% between 1970 and 2008.
Dr Matthias Halwart, senior aquatic officer at the FAO, told CNN that globally we're eating more fish than ever before.
A farm on every rooftop GM bananas in Uganda
The world population on average consumers an all time high of about 17 kilograms of fish per person.
--Dr Matthias Halwart, UN FAO

Science and Technology
"The world population on average consumers an a…

Aquaponics USA

Aquaponics USA

If there was ever a time in the modern era to start growing food--it is NOW. The world-wide financial melt-down, complete with a downgrade of our triple AAA rating, is destined to bring with it hyperinflation and food shortages. Aquaponics is our answer. Aquaponics is a hybrid technique combining the best of aqua-culture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing veggies without soil), and it’s completely organic because the fish waste is your natural fertilizer and that means no pesticides. Aquaponics USA is dedicated to sharing information, developing products and bringing awareness of this life sustaining technology to every American home because it’s time Americans become Food Independent.
Aquaponics USA--Feeding America, One Family At A Time with our Food Forever™ Growing Systems! We have systems that range from 7.5 to 112 square feet of Grow Bed space and Fish Tanks from 100 to 320 gallons.



Aquaponics USA Greenhouse

Aquaponics USA Greenhouse Tour showing the outside design and construction of the Greenhouse.



Tooth Soap Installs Home Aquaponics System
Since 2003 Tooth Soap has been manufacturing natural and organic products to clean your teeth. Now, they’ve added an aquaponics system to their urban farming operation to farm their own fish and vegetables sustainably. They started in February with raising their own chickens and an urban garden, and kicked it up a notch with the new aquaponics system featured in the video.

What is Aquaponics?
Aquaponics is a system used to raise fish and grow vegetables with one symbiotic system. It has been embraced by those who want to be truly sustainable, but don’t have access to a reliable fresh fish supply. If you want to learn how to build your own system, you can start here.


歐洲魚展Aqua Nor 2011

Aqua Nor 2011將於2011/10/18~21


Aqua Nor 2011歐洲觀賞魚大展





Why are we creating a world that no one wants?-Madam Frances Moore Lappé 為何我們創造一個面目可憎的世界-法蘭西斯路培夫人

Frances Moore Lappé is a "living democracy" advocate and world food expert. She is the author or coauthor of 18 books, including Diet for a Small Planet, which was chosen among "75 Books by Women Whose Words Have Changed the World" by the Women's National Book Association. It also was recently dubbed a "blueprint for eating with a small carbon footprint long before the term was coined," by J.M. Hirsch of the Associated Press.

In 2008, "Gourmet Magazine" selected Frances among 25 people, including Thomas Jefferson and Julia Child, whose work has changed the way America eats, and the James Beard Foundation named her Humanitarian of the year. She is a winner of the Right Livelihood Award, called the Alternative Nobel. She and her daughter Anna Lappé launched the Cambridge-based The Small Planet Institute and the Small Planet Fund in 2001.


Grow It Right Aquaponics

Grow it right Aquaponics
Grow it Right Aquaponics is a partnership based in Eureka, California. Our mission is education. One important goal we strive to attain is community access to local organic foods. This is accomplished by making aquaponic technology accessible to communities, families and individuals. One way we do this is through our website. We are always updating information. Whenever we have something new to pass along you can find it here. We have an extensive collection of educational documents and videos.

Be sure to visit our Resources page and our Links to find updated information.For the most current information visit our facebook page growitright aquaponics. It will send you to many fantastic websites .

Grow it Right Aquaponics is a business that blends environmentally conscious ideas into a system that can feed your family and operate on many levels. To find out more about us please send us an email. All questions are welcome. We aim to have superior responsiveness to …


Fish Farms, With a Side of Greens 綠色的一角來養魚Jeff Redmon 報導 Sweet Water Organics, a company in Milwaukee, raises perch and grows leafy green vegetables in a former factory. Aquaponics-a combination of aquaculture, or fish cultivation, and hydroponics, or water-based planting -utilizes a symbiotic relationship between fish and plants. Fish waste provides nutrients for the plants, which in turn filter the water in which the fish live. Cuttings from plant are composted to create food for worms, which provide food for the fish, completing the cycle. “Aquaponics is a method of delivering multiple crops with minimum input, through a closed-loop method of farming,” said Charlie Price, founder of Aquaponics UK, the nonprofit organization that runs the farm. A kilogram, or 2.2 pounds, of fish food, produces at least 50 kilograms of vegetables and 0.8 kilogram of fish, he said. “As the ecosystem becomes self-sustainable, the fish food comes from the worms, so the entire cycle is free.” Mr. Pri…

廚餘殘渣 + 小魚搖搖 = 生菜沙拉

Food waste + fish poop = lettuce
廚餘殘渣 + 小魚搖搖 = 生菜沙拉
Michael Amadori looks into a fish tank growing tilapia in a lab at the State University of New York. The fish waste is used to grow lettuce.
By John Roach
Michael Amadori 在美國紐約州立大學的實驗室養著吳郭魚的水箱。魚的排泄物用來種植萵苣。
John Roach報導
If, in a few years, you are suddenly overcome with a sense that there's something fishy about the lettuce in your salad, you might be on to something. There's a chance it was grown with fish poop.
"There's no fish taste whatsoever," Michael Amadori, a master's student in ecological engineering at the State University of New York's College of Environmental Science and Forestry, assured me Wednesday.
星期三Michael向我保證“絕對沒有任何魚腥味,”,Michael Amadori是紐約州立大學的環境科學與林業學院生態工程碩士的學生
For now, Amadori is growing the futuristic lettuce in question as part of a science experiment aimed at closing the loop between the food we throw away and the food we eat.


浮萍 Duckweed 學名: Spirodela polyrhiza Schletder


Australia Eco Films

養耕大老Murry Hallam


Japan Aquaponics

Japan Aquaponics



成立: 小毛驴市民农园创建于2008年4月,占地230亩,位于北京西郊著名自然风景区凤凰 岭山脚下、京密引水渠旁,是由北京市海淀区政府、中国人民大学共建的产学研基地,同时也是国仁城乡(北京)科技发展中心在其多年积累的生态农业与城乡公益 网络基础上,整合推出的创新性探索,该探索延续了成立于2006年的国仁城乡互助合作社的相关工作。 定位: 借鉴国内外CSA经验,遵循“三低三高”(即低耗能、低污染、低投入;高 起步、高产出、高品味)的原则,通过建立一套可持续的农业生产和生活模式,基本实现园区内部的生态循环,建立园区的生态经济体系;倡导并实践“发展生态农 业、支持健康消费、促进城乡互助”的行动理念,推动食品安全、生态文明与城乡良性互动,促进中国城乡统筹和可持续发展。 目标: 通过多年的努力,争取将农园建设成为北京乃至全国的集参观、科研、教育培训和生产示范为一体的生态基地,将其建设成为国内有机农业的重要品牌。 面向城市推动市民参与式都市型生态农业,开展都市农业培训、食品安全与可持续生活宣传、农 耕体验与教育等活动,将农园建设成为市民体验农耕及可持续生活、培养健康消费和环保意识的都市农业教育基地;同时,以科研和示范教育为特色,努力成为大学 生及中小学生的实训与生态教育基地;通过发展城市健康消费网络,促进形成“共同购买型”消费合作社。 面向农村研究、推广结合传统农耕和自然农业为基础的现代生态农业技术,建立自己的技术规范和认证体系,为各地农民合作社提供示范和培训服务,并协助农民合作社在农业生产上转向现代生态农业。 最终将商业模式与社会责任、可持续发展理念融为一体,引导城市健康消费合作社与农村绿色生产合作社对接,通过城乡之间生产者与消费者的直接互助,让农民安心、消费者安心、环境安心,重建社会的信任与合作机制,实现城乡良性发展。
两年多来,小毛驴市民农园在海淀区政府、中国人民大学乡村建设中心、苏家坨镇政府、后 沙涧村委以及社会各界热心人士的大力支持和热情帮助下,以“社区支持农业”(CSA)为主要运营模式,吸引了大量市民、农民、大学生、学者、媒体、 NGO、工商业者和政府部门等不同身份、群体的广泛参与,在北京市乃至全国各地、世界生态农业领域引起了强烈关注,取得了良好的社会效益,为农园的可持续 发展奠定了重要的社会基础。 截止至2010年8月,农园已经得到包括新华社、中央电视台、人民…


循導養魚,永生常樂 Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.Teach a man to fish and you feed him till stocks run out.Teach a man to grow fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Ken Konschel has for the past 20 years been active in the Aquaponics industry. He has traveled extensively in the USA visiting aquaponics and aquaculture projects, universities and hydroponic farms gathering new information and the latest techniques. In 2003 he won a gold medal from the Institute of Inventors for his efforts in designing an Aquaponics system.
Ken Konschel過去廿年活躍於美國養耕共生界,到美國各地收集養耕共生與水產養殖的各種資訊,並於2003年以他所設計的養耕共生系統得奬
As Managing Director of Aquaponics Africa he has set up pilot schemes in Zimbabwe and presently in Empangeni, South Africa. These have been a remarkable success and the system is constantly being fine tuned for greater efficiency.
Aquaponics Africa operates from a 25 hectare farm site in Northern Natal where all aspe…


We hope to promote the Aquaponics into you home. The first and most difficult place is your living room. You can grow plant and fish at your living room instead of your backyard. So we design it as a decoration at your living room. So it will be so easy to maintenance. You may take a reference tour for the total system.
有別於後院陽台 他必須考慮到裝黃擺設

We design a Aquaponics System which is suitable for your living room. If you are interesting to the drawing, you may download by yourself.
Download the sketchup plan

如果您覺得不錯 也想試一試 請自行下載sketchup的圖檔

There three layers about this design. The top layer is plant bed, the middle layer is fish aquarium, and the bottom layer is bio-filter. This most important designs are the total height to be 120cm only and the decorative outlook. So it is suitable for living room.




Murray Hallam, Practical Aquaponics www.aquaponics.net.au
Murray Hallam是養耕共生界的大老, 說是老大也行兒. 大老是個理想主義者, 沒事兒專門教大家如何作養耕共生,講話可以用澳洲腔,美國腔,韓國腔,英國腔及印度腔跟大家笑談養耕共生的笑話,你用那一國腔調提問,他就可以用你的腔調回答你,可以參考以下的影片

Charlie Price – www.aquaponics.co.uk
Charlie Price也是理想主義者,但是對農業,商業運作,物流系統都非常深入簡出 其中他對養耕共生及環保共存的永續生存有極為簡要的說明 可以參考他在TEDx的演講 或者在我們的網站找一下他的簡介

Gina Cavaliero - Green Acres Organics wwww.greenacreorganics.biz & Aquaponic Enterprises, Inc.
Gina and Tonya經營綠色田野有機公司. Gina跟Syliva共同主持aquaponicssource.com. 這是世界上第一個養耕共生的會議 有點辛苦 其實相對而言不到400人左右 可是一半都是世界各地來的. 其中我還發現skype的新任老大Mr. Kobus Joosfe, 原來Kobus也是養耕共生的業餘愛好者(Gina應是義大利裔美國夏威夷胖大媽)

Tim & Suzanne Friendly – Friendly Aquaponics www.friendlyaquaponics.com
Friendly Aquaponics主要贊助商,可以提供小中大型的現成可行養耕共生的完全方案
基地在夏威夷,不過全美有不少經銷商 也可以安排參觀

順便學了一句夏威夷話 "mahalo nui loa" (馬哈囉努一囉呀) 多謝啦


Why Aquaponics?

Here is the promotion video for Taiwan Aquaponics.
Take a different mindset to Asia Aquaponics.
We welcome your comment to Asian Aquaponics. Taiwan Aquaponics Association welcome you to share the different successful stories about Aquaponics. You may email the articles, links, questions, and comments here, or email to croxword@gmail.com. Thanks.

Urban Aquaponics, IBM

IBM Smarter Cities Challenge team works with the City of Milwaukee on issues surrounding urban agriculture and aquaponics. IBM智慧城市團隊堆廣都市農場養耕共生系統


Urban farms, aquaponics
都市農場,養耕共生 International team recognizes Milwaukee's 'high potential' to improve access to healthy food, revitalize neighbor hoods and create jobs.
密爾瓦基國際研發團隊對養耕共生提出有潛力的評價,尤其是在生產健康食品,振興鄰里關係及創造就業機會部份。 Milwaukee could become more economically viable and help the world feed itself through urban agriculture and aquaponics - water-efficient systems that can transform abandoned factories and vacant lots into urban farms that raise fish and vegetables, a report released Monday says. 研究團隊週一的報告指出-都會養耕的農業節水系統可以利用都市中廢棄的工廠空地在有效率的運作下,減緩世界對糧食的需求。 Milwaukee already has the base investment and model to improve access to healthy food while revitalizing neighborhoods and creating jobs, says the report, which lays out a game plan for the city to take urban food production to the next level.
The report was prepared by an international team from technology and consulting firm IBM, which spent three weeks this summer analyzing the city's prospects around the theme &quo…


在人口不斷增加,農地面積有限及運輸成本高昂的情況下,鄰近消費市場,用高樓以多層次生產的農業技術:「垂直農業」,成為維護全球經濟發展的重要手段(The Economist Technology Quarterly, 2010) 。這個多層次農業生產的概念應用在水生物的養殖上就叫做「垂直養殖」,在蕭世民博士的實驗室已發展多年並獲得許多專利(請看文獻探討)。本實務專題研究將此「垂直養殖」的發展應用在石斑魚(青斑Epinephelus coioides及龍膽石斑E. lanceolatus)的養殖,設計並組裝出一個有效率的石斑魚垂直養殖設施。
1. 水生動植物的淺水養殖,以方便多層水體上下堆疊,增加養殖場區的空間利用。
2. 在同一水體內構建一到多層的生態結構,形成一到多層有效養殖平面。
以岩礁為棲地或在水底棲息的水生物,包括魚類、蝦類、海葵及珊瑚等為例,在具有特定生態結構的養殖水槽中,可生活在十分淺的水中。現有數據顯示白蝦(Litopenaeus vannamei)、吳郭魚(Oreochromis mossambica)、青斑(Epinephelus coioides)及龍膽(E. lanceolatus)等生物均可生活在水深僅4-15公分的環境,分別成長至每尾25g,600g,1,800g,3,000g或更大。以這個垂直型水產養殖的概念為基礎,本專題研究設計及組裝一個垂直型龍膽石斑養殖設施,並實地試驗其養殖石斑魚的功能。


Aquaponics, A Year in Review
Aquaponics Project by Chef Ricky
September 8, 2011

Almost a year ago I wrote my first blog about Aquaponics here. In the article I cited a link to a video of an art project called “Farm Fountain” that inspired me to start my first experiment in sustainable, organic, indoor gardening using the natural cycles of bacteria (the nitrogen cycle) to grow food. The term for doing this using fish waste as the fertilizer source is called aquaponics, or AP.

Since then, my blog ( the aptly named “Chef Ricky’s FoodStream” ) has developed into exclusively aquaponics updates and news. My work (and disasters) using indoor aquaponics will be in a book this Oct. I am very pleased by the outcome of the initial experiment. Not only have I learned more about the nitrogen cycle than any biology class has EVER taught me, but I have ended this season with an amazing new group of AP enthusiasts, a delicious bounty of crops, and some plans to make AP in Seattle a more recognizab…


Bioponica™ Research and development of sustainable farming systems for education, jobs and food security. Algosolar, LLC, dba Bioponica™ was established in 2010 when David Epstein, D.O. and Kenneth Lovell P.E. got together to and decided to implement a system that Dr. Epstein conceptualized would grow food entirely from site-derived resources. The two form a well rounded association, with each bringing a unique set of skills to the team. Epstein is a holistic Osteopthic physician who founded and operated a distribution company, Earth Solutions, for 15 years including the design, branding, packaging and sales of products that provide alternatives choices for health and wellbeing. Lovell is a veteran professional engineer with expertise in soil, wastewater management and bioremediation. He also has managed a hydroponic tomato farm and currently along with his wife maintains a 10,000 square foot garden in Grant Park from which they produce and preserve an abundance of food year after yea…


Rooftop Farm


Female Reproduction

Female Reproduction

Taiwan Lab Creates Fluorescent Angelfish
Glowing examples of innovative biotechnology. Fluorescent angelfish in a Taiwan laboratory. The Jy Lin Company, Taiwan’s largest exporter of ornamental fish, has for the first time, successfully inserted a fluorescent protein gene into the reproductive organs of medium-sized fish, allowing them to produce radiant offspring. Company spokesman Lin Yu-Ho, explains how the process works for this particular fish family. [Lin Yu-Ho, Jy Lin Company]: “With the medium-sized cichlid fish, its biological cycle cannot be controlled by artificial lighting, plus the low number of fertilized eggs makes collection a challenge. It will take a very long time with the micro-injection method. For species like these, we deployed the method of reproductive organ electroporation. We inject fluorescent genes into the reproductive organs and leave the male and female fish to reproduce on their own, and then they can give birth to fluorescent babies…


TEDxWarwick - Charlie Price - Aquaponics - Getting More out of Less
Charlie Price from the social enterprise Aquaponics UK, explores the role aquaponics can play in the future of our collective food supply.
He provides an insight into both the applications for aquaponics but more specifically a new approach to urban agriculture, turning wastes into resources and transforming disused urban spaces to provide not only food, but resilient communities.

Flora Raft

Here we introduce the FLORA Raft for Garden, Hydroponics, Aquarium and Aquaponics System.
Flora raft is designed by Mr. Jim Huang who have 25 years garden experience. Flora raft is suitable to grow the plan over water. So you may grow up your plant on fish tanks, pond, hydroponics system, and aquaponics system, etc. No extra effort to build up the plant system. 100% designed in Taiwan, made in Taiwan.
100% recycled plastic material.
Recommended by Taiwan Aquaponics Association
suitable for aquarium, home, office, school, labortory, or any aquaponics system.

DIY環保水池 家門口養金魚









Aqua Sciences, Inc. is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Florida, established to develop and bring to market innovative water technologies, including proprietary atmospheric water capture and purifications systems. Unlike other technologies such as refrigerant dehumidification-based systems that do not work in low humidity conditions, Aqua Sciences' revolutionary technology extracts water from the atmosphere virtually anywhere that human beings live. Our breakthrough technology has been independently tested and has been proven to consistently produce excellent water quality. Our team of outstanding engineers brings nearly two decades of water extraction experience to the company.
Aqua Sciences, Inc. 是一家總部位於佛羅里達州的Delaware公司,推出創新的水處理技術,包括專門從大氣取水及水淨化系統。相對於製冷除濕的系統無法在低濕度條件下工作,Aqua Science, Inc.革命性的技術可在幾乎任何地方直接從大氣中提取水。我們突破性的技術已通過獨立測試,並已被證明可一貫生產優良的水質。我們優秀的工程師擁有近廿年水萃取的經驗。

Aqua Sciences, Inc. is poised to transform the water industry while making a positive humanitarian impact on the …


Liquid Galaxy-Aquarium HTML5, WebGL and JavaScript. Each of the 8 machines is running Chrome. They communicate using WebSockets to a node.js server using the socket.io library. You can find out more info athttp://webglsamples.googlecode.com












這是Raychel A Watkins的設計,一個八通水桶連八個附掛水桶,然後回到淨水桶,淨水桶再導回八通桶,所以八通桶可以養魚養蝦,附掛水桶可以養菜養花或植哉,簡簡單單的設計
This is Raychel A Watkins's design, a Bucket connect to eight supplemental bucket. Then water go through to clear water bucket. The pump helps clear water to finish the final cycle.
The Main bucket is for aquarium, supplemental bucket is for plants. Easy to install.


對買方而言,目前大部分其他的出口國僅能到達95%,可是往往台灣的向買方確保97%以上存活率。可是台灣政府並沒有合理的防疫認證體制,同時也沒有ISO 9002品質管理系統,競爭優勢往往來自交易過程。
為照顧魚的福利,在海運前幾週即注意,包括包裝水質、餵食控制、排泄減控、空間調適及溫度控制,確保運送壓力最低。其他環保考量,包含塑膠袋回收,導入雨水回收,養耕共生等等,同時推廣ISO 14001認證。
傳統的養殖場大多為家族企業,而經營一個以知識為本的公司,家族企業必須區分公私,界定角色與歸屬責任,而適當的系統,如ISO 9000、內部財務系統等必須逐漸地整合入組織架構中。專業經理人應允許參與決…


TOFA Brief Introduction
Taiwan Ornamental Fish Association (TOFA), established in Oct. 2001, is an organization made up of purely field personnel in the aquaculture business. Motivated by the promotion of species renovation, breeding and feeding technology, sales coordination, members participated are distributed all over Taiwan. Surrounded by waters and located on the edge of Asia mainland, the natural geographical location of Taiwan is endowed with the potential of developing ornamental fish breeding. Renowned with the aquaculture breeding technology, breeders nowadays are aggressively breeding over 300 different species of ornamental fish. At the beginning of 21 century, Taiwan ornamental fish industry plays a pivotal role in the world.