Flora Raft

Here we introduce the FLORA Raft for Garden, Hydroponics, Aquarium and Aquaponics System.
Flora raft is designed by Mr. Jim Huang who have 25 years garden experience. Flora raft is suitable to grow the plan over water. So you may grow up your plant on fish tanks, pond, hydroponics system, and aquaponics system, etc. No extra effort to build up the plant system. 100% designed in Taiwan, made in Taiwan.
100% recycled plastic material.
Recommended by Taiwan Aquaponics Association
suitable for aquarium, home, office, school, labortory, or any aquaponics system.

FLORA EXPO 2010, Taiwan


A. Weaver寫道…
Do you ship flora rafts to U.S.? I prefer the harder plastic over the foam that's routinely used or sold here in U.S.