Friendly Aquaponics

Do you know how to grow your own food? Do you earn your living from growing food, or from some other business that is less than dependable in these difficult economic times?

In addition to running our commercial aquaponics farm, Friendly Aquaponics has been sharing what we've learned by teaching commercial aquaponics for three years now, with a 30-40% “hit rate”. In other words, thirty to forty percent of our students have successfully built and are operating commercial and home aquaponics systems. This is because our courses are developed from our real-world experience, and are tailored to give you useful and practical aquaponics knowledge rather than simply “book learning” and formulas (although those ARE included also in our trainings, based again on our real-world experience making money with aquaponics). Both our live Hawaii aquaponics trainings and our Do-It-Yourself aquaponics instruction packages are a wild success, based on the number of people who have successfully built and operated aquaponics systems using them as the foundation. And that's what we're basing the measurement of OUR success on, the number of aquaponics systems getting built and operated; rather than the number of students in our courses and packages sold.我們除了的商業養耕共生農場,我們輔導商業養耕共生已三年了,有30-40%的學員已成功地建立和運作的商業和家庭養耕共生系統。這是因為我們的開發課程,從實例說明到量身訂作學員的需求,而非紙上談兵(雖然培訓,是根據我們養耕共生的實作經驗)。 我們除了在夏威夷提供養耕共生體驗營,我們也提供現成DIY套件,讓學員可以使用它們作為成功的實驗基礎。自行微調或改造適合自己的養耕共生系統。

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