Asia Aquaponics at Taiwan

Asia Aquaponics-Basic & Application
Training Course Duration: 2 days
Aquaponics is the joint cultivation of fish and plants in an ecosystem that allows sustainable natural food growing without the use of harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our goal in these courses is to empower you to grow your own food naturally, right in your own garden.
GOCH Garden presents the traditional asian farm to learn and exchange knowledge and the skills to successfully practice Aquaponics. All the members will share the Asian Aquaponics Garden on this modern age. All the Taiwan Aquaponics Gurus in their field and who are willing to share their knowledge to empower you to grow your food locally and naturally! All the course are bilingual with easy instructions and practice lessons.
Who should attend?
YOU! Whether newbie discover Aquaponics and old horse in your own garden, or are interested in community / urban gardening or larger commercial farming applications, this course should help you decide. The course is divided into two segments – classroom and garden sessions. Classroom sessions will provide you with a basic knowledge of Asia Aquaponics that will cover a broad range of topics and the Garden sessions will allow you to gain hand-on experience on setting up a small Aquaponic system, fish selection and feeding, water chemistry, plumbing, pumps and aeration requirements, starting seeds and planting seedlings, as well as learning what it takes to operate the system on a daily basis. We hope to empower you to grow food for yourself and your family. Grown locally and naturally without any harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
Course duration: Saturday and Sunday – 08:30 to 11:30 and 13:30 pm to 16:30.
Materials Included: Course Outline, Guide Manual and a Certificate of Participation.
Meals Included: Tea & Coffee refreshments, snacks and lunch are included.
Course Cost: $299.00 if early bird prepaid in 14 days before start date. Regular cost $350.00 (We offer $100.00 discount for an additional family member) *
Registration: Register online
Course Course Content
Basic: Day 1
Classroom Session (1):
  • Course Introduction, Concept and Purpose
  • Before Aquaponics
  • What exactly is Aquaponics
  • How does Aquaponics work – the Nitrogen Cycle
  • How do I create the conditions for the Nitrogen Cycle to begin
  • Which Fish can I use and how many do I need
  • How do I check water quality and what do I need to look for
  • What about pH levels
  • Why do I need to add oxygen to my system
  • One Aquaponics growing method–Rafts using net pots
  • Potting Material / Plant selection / seed starting / seedling transplanting
  • Pest control and health safety

Lunch break: GOCH garden
Tour Session:
  • Introduction to GOCH Garden
  • Outdoor Aquaponics farm
  • Rooftop Aquaponics garden
  • Outdoor Aquaponics garden
  • Greenhouse Aquaponics farm
Hands-on Field Session:
  • Assemble a small Aquaponics system – fish tank and raft growing bed
  • Introduce the pond pump and the air pump – plumb for water flow making use of gravity
  • Build the Raft bed, drill for net pots
  • Plant seeds in net pots / transfer seedlings to Raft beds

Classroom Session (2):
  • Wrap up of Course – Summary of what was covered during the day
  • Request those attending Application Course, as homework,  to review the course course outline and their class notes as well as download (if not already done), and review the Friendly Aquaponics Tabletop Systems Manual
  • Questions & Answers

Application: Day 2
Classroom Session (1):
  • Course Introduction, Concept & Purpose
  • Questions & Answers re participants experience
  • Additional seed starting medias & methods
  • Seed selection and plant growing times
  • Water issues & filteration
  • Methods of controlling water flow – bell siphons & timers
  • Fish selection and feeding issues
  • Where can Aquaponics be used
  • Aquaponics “Gurus” around the world
  • Aquaponic Methods: Raft, NFT, Media-filled Systems, Verticals, Recirculating Wicking Beds
  • What are the advantages / disadvantages, if any, of these different methods
  • What and how much do you want to grow
  • Introduction to Environmental Control and Greenhouses
Lunch Break: Tenway Garden Restaurant
Tour Session:
  • Introduction and tour of Tenway Garden
  • Review the class assembled small Aquaponics system
  • Add Media Bed and introduce timer for water pump
  • Introduce Media and add seedlings – see both beds work in unison
  • Visualization of Aquaponics at work in establishing a sustainable ECO system
  • Identification of Aquaponic growing methods
  • Environmental control in Aquaponic Systems
Classroom Session (2):
  • Wrap up of Course – Summary of what was covered during the day
  • Request those who would like to learn more to look into the next series of GOCH’s training courses by Aquaponics Urban Guru’s  -   $50.00 discount voucher for participants
  • Questions & Answers
  • Award Course completion certificate
GOCH Garden is a training affiliate for Taiwan Aquaponics Association and the training course will use Taiwan Aquaponics Association Guide manual as part of the training.  This course will empower you to build an asia aquaponics system, either indoors or outdoors and begin to grow your own food naturally. We will cover aquaponics theory, system design, components, construction, water quality, planting techniques and more. The Taiwan Aquaponics Association Guide Manual, which includes construction plans and materials list, is included in the course materials that you will receive.
*Discounts for Non-
 the same kind or towards the cost of another Course. Please consider this before booking and payment. We do reserve the right to update and change the Course content and or instructors without notice.  Profits and Senior Citizens & Our Cancellation Policy: Please see our policy.
We provide a 25% discount for Non-Profits and Senior Attendance (65 and teenager). We will need proof and limit the number of these discounts to 4 per class. Please note, NO refunds will be provided unless the Course is cancelled. We may consider partial credit (75% of amount paid), to transfer to another Course of It the course is cancelled by us, for any reason, a full refund of amount paid will be issued.




全日照  8個小時日照 瓜類、茄果類、豆類、山藥、豆薯(地瓜)。番茄、黃瓜、茄子、辣椒等喜溫中、強光性









菜豆生育過程中,主要吸收鉀和氮較多,還要吸收一定量的磷和鈣,才能良好發育。結莢期吸收磷鉀量較大。磷鉀肥對菜豆植株的生長發育、根瘤菌的發育、花芽分化、開花結莢和種子的發育等均有影響。缺乏磷肥,菜豆嫩莢和種子的品質和產量就會降低。缺鈣,幼葉葉片捲曲,葉緣失綠和生長點死亡。缺硼,則根係不發達,影響根瘤菌固氮,使花和豆莢發育不良。 耐陰半陰(大概3-4小時日照) 應選擇耐陰的蔬菜種植,如萵…


蝶豆花 原產拉丁美洲的蝶豆花是一種典型的熱帶蔓藤植物,全年盛開。
butterfly pea,拉丁語叫:Clitoria ternatea,泰語叫Dok Anchan
營養價值 蝶豆花具有豐富的維他命A,C和E, 而且可以提高免疫力, 幫助和促進皮膚的彈力和骨膠原, 同時還具有補腦,促進腦的活力,防止胃痛,抗憂郁、抗壓力、鎮靜、止驚厥、緩和情緒等天然保健功效。
食用價值 蝶豆花的可食部位是葉、花及嫩莢。較幼嫩的葉片及盛開的花朵,亦可拿來煮湯、油炸等。用嫩芽來炒肉絲或煮熟後食用,都十分可口。蝶豆花的葉及花的萃取液,可當作純天然的食品染料。



◎飼養與管理的重點 只要不是劇烈的變化,錦鯉很容易適應各水溫水質等環境的變化。並不是沒有大庭園就無法飼養,有人甚至在二樓陽台或頂樓陽台造水池飼養。然而我們是欣賞錦鯉雄壯豪邁之氣,因此水池盡量寬闊為宜,以水深1.2m以上為理想。魚池必須有底水排出,過濾循環等設備。用水不一定要取地下水,自來水也可以飼養。
良好的魚餌不會崩壞鯉的體型。餌的量也是在夏天水溫 高的時候,訂定停餌期間,才是整體來說使鯉變胖最重要的秘訣。如果還是想 要給很多餌的話,要增加循還量。錦鯉在水溫超過28度的時候,應給與相當於 鯉全體重量3%的餌。水溫25度時1.5%,水溫20度時0.3%,16度以下則要停止鯉餌,這就是鯉魚長得強壯的要訣。連續不斷地給鯉餌的話,引起內臟障礙, 而影響到鯉不會長壯,甚至導至體型的變歪。