iEcoFun-Bring Nature to your life
1. Brand
Our brand name iEcofun : Intelligence, Eco-innovation, Fun.
iEcofun is not only a fantastic, easy and organic way to grow your plants and to keep your fish indoors, but a smart and eco-friendly way to realize our core value of “Bring Nature to Your Life”.
The development of iEcofun was a new business started for the senior and retired employees, and an idea initiated in 2009 by Eric T. Wu, the Chairman of Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation.
To enhance competitive edges for the business, iEcofun products successfully integrate vertical culture system, self watering techniques and LED lighting with stylish design on indoor potted plants. Moreover, we combine the hydroponics system with fish tanks, which not only makes iEcofun products more versatile and more competitive, but adds a flourish of fun to potted plants. Two years of continuous market testing and improvements finally make iEcofun become a simple and easy-to-maintain system.
2010 proved to be a milestone for iEcofun, we received the Excellence Award of Plant Combinations from The International Indoor Floriculture Exhibition and Competition in the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. In the same year, Impressionism Flower Frames was also used to make a fantastic vertical garden decorated for 47th Taiwan’s annual Golden Horse Award 2010 at Tauyuan County Performing Art Exhibition Center.
Today, iEcofun products are ready to be put into mass production. We will start to promote the products both in domestic and global markets. We will make our best efforts in the future to achieve our goal “The largest and the most creative indoor self watering planters manufacturer in the world.”

1. 迷你養耕共生系統
2. 自動供水的環保、省水設計
3. 自動施肥而減少使用化學肥及廢水污染
4. 適合各種觀賞植物及鮮切花
5. 時尚節能的LED夜燈設計
6. 可自由排列組合的創意設計
7. 獨特的模組化三重過濾系統設計
8. 美麗、時尚的模組花盆,植物照顧更容易
9. 兼具風水、教育、休閒與娛樂性的家飾用品
10. 永誌難忘的禮物

1.Aquaponics Aquarium.
2.Self-watering and self-fertilizing.
3.Save chemical fertilizer use.
4.Energy-saving LED lighting.
5.Modular plant pot.
6.Suitable for both plants and cut flowers.
7.Optional modular filtration system.(biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration).