Green Acre Organics

At Green Acre Organics, we grow food in the newest, freshest and most green way possible. It's called aquaponics.

Aquaponics produces both fish and organic fruits and vegetables, in a dynamic, man made, pond-type ecosystem. It can either feed just you and your family or it can be part of feeding a community. It’s the farming of the future!

You’ve heard of the Food Revolution, now be a part of the Farm Revolution! At Green Acre Organics we are buzzing about the Farm Revolution. We can show you how you too can be a part! Help us Feed the Future!

How can you be a part? It's easy! You can do it yourself like we did and we can teach you how. Check out our Aquaponic Trainings page for the most comprehensive training available. We teach everything you need to know to create a small family farm.

People want locally grown and naturally grown clean food and we do just that in our aquaponic system. We sell at local farmers markets, to restaurants, our own buying club and more. It is simple. There is a demand and it can be filled with aquaponically grown goodness! What's even better yet, local economies thrive on this model. Family farms disappeared from the American landscape some time ago and we think that aquaponics is the key to repopulating that need. Small family farms sprouting up everywhere can begin to relocalize our food supply and also invigorate local economies. Its a perfect solution for many of the issues that face how we grow and get our food. Join us!
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