Mosquito Killer

Eco Mosquito Killer II
By Sunny Arky from Taiwan Aquaponics Association
The summer is near, the mosquito is more. The government broadcasts to clear all the blanket bucket to avoid mosquito, etc. We are used to think about the total mindset. However, Mr. Hsu, from the Yilan, Taiwan, has the different concept about the criteria how we grow up the mosquito to kill mosquito. However, it works for 200 pcs of watered buckets to prevent the mosquito army.
Sanfu farm, located at southest hill near Yilan and surranded by plants and forest, is natural and under development. However, the location is at the middle of hills and it is rainy at summer, there are so many noisy mosquito nearby. We can not find the mosquito army when we sit at the outdoor cafe backyard. There is no DDT, Mosquito smells, and long pant, etc., but no mosquito attack.
Mr. Hsu, we welcome the visitors to enjoy the frest air not mosquito coil. We used to spay DDT before, however, mosquito will come back 2 weeks later. It  was annoying. He observes the nature as hobbist and find the turnkey solution.
Mr. Hsu observed the under grounded insect on fish tanks several years ago. He found there are a lot of tadpoles after rainfalls, then there are a lot of larvae soon. When they grow up, there a lot of moquito army soon. If we add more soap powder and bleach at the rainfall pond, we will kill larvae and tadpoles too. If we clear the water, it comes the same result. So, there are so many rainfall ponds all over the hills, it is impossible to clear all of them, let's use the rainfall ponds now.
The mosquito like to spawn on rainfall ponds, so we kill the larvae before they grow up. Is it the turnkey solution? Mr. Hsu designed the mosquito pond instead to clear the pond. Those pond attract mosquito to spawn and we grow up the fish too. If there are larvae, the fishes are happy to have the meal. If there are no larvae, these is no mosquito too.
Does it work? We have to make some experiment all over the hills and it takes time. Yes, it works. There are less mosquito and more fishes, but it has a little problem. We have to refresh the water, or the fishes will die. The fish is less, the mosquito is more. There are so many mosquito pond all over the hills, it will be another problem to refresh the water. How about we auto-refresh the water?
Mr. Hsu comes out Mosquito Killer, second edition. This edition is with siphon tube, which is connected with the tank. The outer tube is 3 cm lower than the tank to help the tank refresh the bottom water, when it rains. The tank is always at the same level, and the rain is more, it auto-refresh the water more. The second edition is with the simple design become the auto-fresh Mosquito killer.
Mr. Hsu realize the government policy is to prevent, however, it is not the turnkey solution. The mosquito killer II benefits more and more when we increase the total density after weeks. It is impossible to kill all the mosquito, however, Mr. Hsu smiles and explains the outdoor cafe and forest cafe is pretty difficult to find the mosquito.
There was a school president visited Sanfu farm and complained the repellent plants did not work when they grow up at the school. Mr. Hsu explained that the plants need sunshine, however the mosquito like the wet and dark, so the repellent plant did not work well at all.
Mosquito Killer II spread to South-East Asia countries these years. They test and install a lot at their countries. Mr. Hsu is proud of the Mosquito killer II and reserve the patent. He smiles and teach freely to all the students who are willing to understand how it works, and hopes we shall have more ECO and effective way to kill mosquito and better living space.
He points out the location of mosquito killer II shall be dark and wet. The longer and more density come out the better performance.