AAS Vegetables 01

Goldfinger (Carrot/baby & Nantes/hybrid) - 91H

Baby Carrot.
49 days. F1 hybrid. Fancy, sweet "baby carrot" that has strong vigorous tops, very uniform, dark orange roots, smooth skin, tiny cores and nice blunt tips. Excellent high quality bright orange interiors, distinct tap roots and very high soluble sugar flavor. High yield possibilities of dark orange "mini carrots". Average length 5-6 in/14-15 cm @ 1.1 MS per acre. Replaces Sweet Baby Jane.

Hybrid Nantes
56 days. F1 hybrid. An improved Sweet Baby Jane type. Matures as a full grown Amsterdam Nantes at 7-8 in/18-20 cm in length @ 0.6 MS seeds or pellets per acre. Dark orange uniform, cylindrical roots taper to blunt tips. Mature sweet flavor is excellent. Medium sized upright tops are very strong and have a tolerance to bolting. Yields are high - sells on sight. Stores well for fresh market. Minimum order - 10,000 pellets